Question about the free plan limits.

Hi guys,

I recently discovered Backendless online while searching for an alternative to my current mBaas setup. I have some questions regarding the limits.

  1. “200,000 data objects per table” - Is this the same as 200,000 records? And if I needed additional 1,000,0000 more records, that will be $20/month or would it be one time payment of $20 until I reached the 1,000,000 records. And if I needed to add another 1,000,000 more, will it be $40/month or another one time payment of $20?
  2. “200 data tables” - Same question as #1.

Also, is there any chance of losing data in the free plan?


Hi Allen,

  1. Yes, the objects and records are the same. Also the same as the count of rows in your table. Note that this limit applies only to a single table, so you can have 200k in table A, 200k in table B, and so on. If you buy additional 1,000,000 records, then this limit will be 1,200,000, so that you can have 1,200,000 records in each table. And the payment is per month, not one-time. So if you buy 1,000,000 records, it’ll be $20/month, if you buy 1,000,000 more - it’ll cost $40/month.

  2. Same goes to tables. If you buy a function pack for additional tables, you will be billed for it monthly.

And no, there is no chance to lose any data on any plan. Even if you fail to pay, the data will remain, but the API calls will be blocked.

Thank you for the clarifications.