Randomly encounter "BackendlessFault: 1013: User has no permissions[...]" [Android]

We’re randomly encountering the “BackendlessFault: 1013: User has no permissions[…]”.

We have users set up with a login that is working. When a user has logged in and tries to navigate to a new activity, this error will be encountered repeatedly, but will occasionally not happen. It seems that waiting for a few minutes will let the user navigate to new activities successfully, but then a few minutes later it will go back to presenting with that error.

Hi Justin!

Please provide your application id and full error message (“User has no permission to update entity” or “User has no permission to create entity”…)

Hi Kate, thanks for addressing our problem.

Application ID: A144E35C-75D1-1FD7-FF14-07B65C435100
Full Error: “BackendlessFault: 1013: User has no permission to find elements in persistence storage [new line] null”

I’m able to reproduce this issue. Internal task id is BKNDLSS-12371.

Thank you for your help.

Is there any work around or estimate on how long this will take to resolve? I have an important demo tomorrow and this is causing some concern.

Hi! We already updated production server.
Could you try right now?

We are no longer encountering the problem. Thanks for fixing it so quickly!