Rejection for facebook login ?


I tried the easy facebook login for user which as docs said would login user in a web popup.
In simulator it redirected to a website in safari. I am sure that apple has a rejection policy of apps redirecting to outside the app to login user these days.

Any update on this ?


Hi Kim
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Our app got reject for this reason, but because of the Twitter login redirecting to Safari. Any way I can choose where it redirects to, like SafariViewController? (which Apple suggested I do)

Hi Niel,

Do you use the “easyLoginWithTwitterFieldsMapping” method call in the app?


Yes I am.

I guess I can go edit the source and call SafariViewController instead of the native opening of the URL.

Any plans for supporting SafariViewController if the device is iOS9? I had to revert to using TwitterKit and manually registering and logging in, just so the app could get approved.

Had to switch to LoginWithFBSDK too.

I assume Apple is clamping down much more on apps “that doesnt meet their UX guidelines”

About supporting SafariViewController: the internal ticket BKNDLSS-12766 is created, we let you know

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: Thanks for the hard work


We have added a support for SafariViewController if the device is iOS9. You could update the latest Backendless SDK via CocoaPods (3.0.27 release) or from github (CommLibiOS and backendless).

Great news! Thanks again

I updated to 3.0.27, but neither of the Easy Logins (Facebook and Twitter) are using the SafariVC. Should I be doing anything different from before?

Please try our UserSocial sample - it was changed for using SFSafariViewController. With 3.0.27 release you should use application:openURL:options: appDelegate and a new UserService method.

Thanks, will have a look.

The UserSocial example still redirects to Safari instead of using the SafariVC ‘inside’ the app. iPhone 6s iOS 9.3 Simulator. Not sure what else I can do.</img>


Maybe you should remove old app.

Only ONE app with this option MAY be on device or simulator:</img>

Got it displaying the SafariVC, thanks. I was trying to call it from a VC that was presented modally. So was not getting displayed. Thanks for the help.