Remove Item In List

I am trying to remove an object from an array of objects using the Remove Item In List block in Codeless.

The Attachments property of selected-record-data-container tests as an Array in the Codeless Is Type Of block and displays like this in the console:

The attached-files-container repeater data item obviously is an object and tests as such and displays like this in the console:

The comparator is one of the properties of the objects stored in the Attachments array and also of the repeater data item.

The above Codeless block returns this error in the console:

Where is my mistake? Thanks.

This will look like a complete hack (because it is, if it works…), try to do the following trickery with the repeater data item before you pass it as the item to delete:
UI Builder - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2023-05-30 18-13-18