Repeater rows not contained

I’m using a Repeater in UI Builder. How can I in CSS ensure that the background block grows with the content of the repeater? Right now every time I use a repeater, the rendered rows go over the (white background) block intended to contain them, which does not happen when I use fixed components instead of a repeater. When I use fixed components, the background grows and contains them.

Is your repeater placed inside of another Block?


What happens if you assign a background color to the containing Block in the style editor (not in css)?

This happens

What are the names of the UI container and the page? Can it run by itself or does it require a login?

It requires a login. I’ll follow up on this in a few hours. Need to run out.

Issue resolved. I simply had the height wrongly set for the block surrounding the repeater. I now feel like an amateur :). Thanks again for your help Mark!

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