reset password with non-identity property

Hi , in my application i use phone number as an identitiy and email address to send email , reset password etc ,
when i tried to reset the password i get an error
BackendlessFault{ code: ‘3020’, message: ‘Cannot perform password recovery. Unable to find a user with the specified identity.’ }.
the email address is not stored in user table but in other table with a relation to user table , i dont know what im missing here. thanks for your time.

Hi, Mohammed.

  1. For proper work “restore password” function you should store email in Users table.
  2. Please, provide appId.

my thought exactly but i also thought that might be a way around that ,thanks or your response .
appId : 94A2AEA0-9D83-5CC6-FF78-DB2D9070B700

Thank you for sharing, we’ve looked through your Users table structure.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for your case. The “restore password” feature requires property “email” to be present in “Users” table.
However, the exception you receive tells that server is not able to find user with the identity provided in the request. Make sure that you pass “phone_number” value to this method.

its working perfectly now , thanks for fast response .