[REST API User Register] Internal server error with id 08A8914E-5FF5-06A1-FFBD-2F148B070500

This happens frequently when trying to register a user. I was hoping that your service would be dependable switching over from Parse and this being one of the first things I’m implementing having issues is very concerning. Can you please advise?

Hi Mike,

Could you please show how you structure the REST request? Or possible the contents of the REST request itself (URL, headers, body)?


It doesn’t happen all of the time but it happens frequently, and when it happens it lasts for a while.








Added Information:

    I have added custom fields to the user registration table. Sometimes I am uploading an image to the Backendless Folders before I register. I'm using javascript / angular and using REST API I'm encoding URI for most elements.

Could you make sure you also include the content-type:application/json header?

Here’s a curl request I ran a bunch of time and it worked every time for me (with email address changing since it is the identity in the Users table):

curl -H application-id:MYAPPID -H secret-key:RESTSECRETKEY -X POST -d '{"bio":"About me", "email":"test@backendless.com", "name":"MyName", "username":"testuser", "password":"Password1"}' -H content-type:application/json -v  https://api.backendless.com/v1/users/register


Aside from that the underlying error you experienced (the one that came with “internal server error”) occurred because you were attempting to store more data in the column than the data type allowed. For string columns the limit is 500 characters, for TEXT it is 2000 characters.

Thank you. I’ll check to see what might be going over the limit!

We plan to deploy a hotfix tomorrow which should be resulting in more meaningful error message rather than “internal server error”.