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REST multi-part upload only working when file already exists

(Jeroen Dierckx) #1


We are still using v3 of the backend. Users of our application can upload and download data, with a binary blob that is stored using the file system of Backendless. Only users of a certain group have access to the folder.

I was using the binary blob upload mechanism, but I want to migrate to the multi-part upload to avoid the file size limit of 2 800 000 bytes.

I am using Qt as client framework and although it is not easy to debug the core headers and such that are generated, I am pretty confident the multi-part packages are setup correctly.

When I overwrite a file (I am always using the overwrite=true parameter), everything works correctly: the big file is uploaded and I can download it afterwards without problems. When I try to upload a new file though, I get the following error:

{"code":6009,"message":"Unable to upload file"}

Authentication should be setup correctly as it works both when overwriting a file or uploading a new file using the binary blob method. The multi-part formatting should be setup correctly as it works perfectly when overwriting a file.

How can I debug this? Thanks!

Kind regards,

(Olga Danylova) #2

Please provide your application id.

Regards, Olga

(Jeroen Dierckx) #3


My application ID is C6730F91-F429-E4C9-FF61-ED62B2B2E100
The files I try to write are under BioracerMotion/data/recordings

Kind regards,

(Olga Danylova) #4

Please check this command. I’ve just upload the new jpg file (5mb) into the mentioned folder and it works fine for me.

curl -H application-id:[url=]C6730F91-F429-E4C9-FF61-ED62B2B2E100[/url] -H secret-key:REST-SECRET-KEY -H Content-Type:"multipart/form-data" -H application-type:REST --form upload=@pic.jpg -X POST -v

Regards, Olga