retrieve followers

I’m stuck at something and I’m asking for help understanding the right way to do it.
trying to get status messages (it’s a list) from users (obviously another list) I’m following. the following is a one to many field in the users list.
my code runs but doesn’t retrieve anything, can you tell me where I’ve gone wrong:

 StringBuilder whereClause = new StringBuilder();
 whereClause.append( "Statuses");
 whereClause.append( "Statuses.owner like '").append( user.getProperty("following") ).append("'");
 BackendlessDataQuery dataQuery = new BackendlessDataQuery();
 Backendless.Persistence.of(Statuses.class).find( dataQuery, new AsyncCallback<BackendlessCollection<Statuses>> () {

Hi Gil,

“private” messages are reserved only for users on paid support. I can change this post to public, or you can resubmit it publicly. Another option is to purchase a support plan.


Ok let’s change it to public.
Can you please help out dear Mark?

Could you post screenshots of the schema for each table related to this question? I need to see how the relations are defined. Make sure you post SCHEMA (not the data) screenshots.


thanks Mark!

keeping the other fields hidden because it will reveal the purpose of the app:</img></img>

Hi Gil,

Please take a look at the response here:

It is very similar to your use-case, the same approach should work for you to retrieve the statuses.


Hey Mark, thanks, I read your response to that guy, will try to run in today.