retrieve incorrect data of a column in java, android API

When I retrieve records in Question table, I get incorrect data of a column id_question(not null, unique. index) , data of another columns return correct.

Please provide the following information:

    Your application ID What table you retrieve data from What are the parameters of retrieval (findById, with search query, etc - be specific) What data do you get? What is expected to get?
Regards, Mark
  1. 671D0865-BDAE-3AF3-FF4B-1A045154A100
  2. table Question
  3. I use advanced object retrieval
    Backendless.Data.of( Question.class ).find(queryBuilder, new AsyncCallback<List<Question>>()
  4. column id_question data type INT5. I want to get all object in Question table but data retrieve incorrect with column id_question, another columns data is correct

I try Backendless.Persistence.of( Question.class ).find(new AsyncCallback<List<Question>>() {
but result is the same. incorrect with data of column id_question

Could you attach a screenshot showing incorrect data? And another screenshot showing the correct one (perhaps in console)?

screenshot console and debug

Looks like the “id_question” property/field is not initialized. Could you post the source fo the Question class here?

sorry maybe I found my mistake,

public class Question {
 private String objectId;
 private int id_quetion;
 private String user_name;
 private String content;
 private boolean is_reply;
 private Date created;
 private Date updated;

 public Question() {

field "id_quetion " in class Question not same “id_question” in console. I miss “s” in property “id_question”
thanks for your support

By the way, I want to use field id_question auto increament but I dont find auto increament in console.
when I create a object in a table Question, I want to save this object without setId_Question. How can I do that?

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