Retrieving a collection of objects

I’m debuging the changes I made with regards to the v3 -> v4 migration and there is something that I cannot figure out. In my app, I call a Backendless API Service function (Java) that retrieves a collection of items from one of my data tables. Previously, each item in the response was an array of properties under “” (JSON Decoded REST) but now, the “data” node does no longer exist. All items are just arrays directly in the “table root”. When I read the v3.x docs, these are/were the properties of a REST response retrieving a collection of items:

    nextPage data offset totalObjects
I know that totalObjects is no longer returned in v4 but have the others also been removed?

You’re correct, the “data” element no longer exists because the return value is a JSON array of objects.

Ok, I see… When did that change? How has that been communicated?

Also, my second question was if any of the other properties have been removed.

That was changed in version 4 and is described in the API documentation for that version.

Since the result is a pure array, it has no other properties - only a collection of objects.

Ok. When I look att the chapter “Advanced Object Retrieval”, I can see that both offset and nextPage are still used as a parameter in queries and that both those “keywords” still exist as before in that sense. Have I understood it correctly?