Returning more than 100 objects

How do I go about to return more than 100 objects?

I can think of one solution, but it sounds a bit convoluted;

    Find out how many objects there is in the table (getObjectCount) load the first 100 Take the 100 from the count and use that as offset load the next 100 until the 'count' is 0
I need all the records into an array for searching etc.

Hello Jorgen,

please use paging. You can find more information and examples here.

Regards, Olga

Thanks Olga,

I thought that was what I was trying to suggest.

    'count' = number of objects table. set 'offset' to 0 retrieve the first 100 deduct those from 'count' and add them to 'offset' retrieve next lot with the setOffset = 'offset' loop until 'count' = 0
Correct? No quicker way?

You are correct - paging is the quickest way to retrieve more than 100 objects.

Regards, Olga

Can I mark this topic as answered?

Regards, Olga


Thanks for your help.