Save after Remove not work


My scenario:

  1. In a long click listener I have a backendless query that find an objectid througt an nameid.
  2. In this query, i have a backendless sentence that delete the row of this object id.
  3. Finally, right after this code (1 and 2) i have a backendless sentence that save new row in a table.
  4. What i want: If the row of this nameid already exist, i want to delete it and create new row with the same nameid. If the row not exist, simply i want to create new row with a new nameid.

But i have a problem:

If the row is not already created (soI don’t have to delete it), the code of save the row works and load a new row in table. But, if the row is already created (so I have to delete it for create the new immediatly) the code of save the row not working…

Any idea?

Sounds like a problem in the actual program logic. Each individual API you mention works properly. Since the APIs are invoked asynchronously (which means a response IS NOT available right on the next line of code), make sure to chain the logic and the calls appropriately.

okay thanks. with a sleep that works fine!!