Save geopoint with geofence with radius?

Hi, is it possible to save a geopoint with a geofence with code in android. I want to save a geopoint which will have a geofence around it. The radius of the geofence maybe any value. The purpose is when a backendless user enters the geofence of the geopoint then an event will be triggered. Thanks.

Hi Leonard,

Could you please define the use-case for the “dynamic” geofence? What is the reason the geofence must be created using the API rather than “statically” in console?


My use-case is for my event making app, where a user using the app can create a public events limited to those who live or pass within a certain radius of an event. For instance a newspaper will advertise community events which is most likely to be seen to people within the area. So my user case is a take on that but instead a user will create a event i.e. community event and people can go or not go and get information on it if they pass within the boundaries of this based on the geopoint of the event.


Hi Leonard!

Adding geo fence is not available from sdk.
But you can add geo fence via Backendless Console Management Rest Api.
There is a sample:

-H 'application-id:xxx' 
-H 'Content-Type:application/json' 
-H 'auth-key:xxxx' 
-X POST<app_version_id>/geo/fence 
-d '{"name":"testFence", "qualCriteria": null, "fence":{"type": "CIRCLE", "nodes":[{"latitude": 35.75, "longitude": -129.75},{"latitude": 35.75, "longitude": -129.75}]}}'