Saving data error codes

Im looking for this same error codes tables for saving:
I dont know why you provide for login and registration but not for other. Actually, Im currently needing it for saving, but soon I will need for the whole CRUD.
Its bether if we get the error codes, so if there is any uncatch user input problem, the code can be us as a condition for triggering a translated string warning the user.

if (errorCode.contains("xxxx")) {
 String customTxt = "transalated error"
 Toast toast = Toast.makeText(context, customTxt, Toast.LENGTH_LONG);;
//and so on, just a precaution, cause the errors should be caught before saving

Cand we get the error codes for the CRUD. Thanks.

Hi, Erick,

For which operation does it happen that you don’t receive the error code?

Hello Sergey

Im sorry if dont explained my self, english is not my first languaje.

First, every posible error should be caught in the user interface, by example, there is no point in logging a user if the email string is empty. But, what happens if for some reason any error is overlook, and then the request to the Backendless is done. Backendless will respond with an error, what we should do then is to warn the user about the error so the user can fix it and try again.

If we use the error message, we have some problems, the error message is standard and maybe is not inline with the app style (the redaction, the app can be juvenile by example). And other problem is, the error message is in english, so what should we do with non english speakers for our app.

What I did in the login and register, was to catch every possible error int the UI, but just in case I create a toast message using the error codes as a condition.

This way if the error code contains “3013” I create a custom string “Some fields are blank”, and so on, if the error code is another there is another custom string.

So the error codes table for login and register is in the docs, but for the CRUD is not available in the docs in the same way as it is for login and register.

Can we please get thoose error codes? It will be really helpfull for taking creating precautionary warnings to the user.

I now understand the problem, thank you.
We will consider adding the error codes for Data Service to the documentation, too.

Th error codes are now available in the documentation.