Select by date through relation tables not working

I have two tables, relation between the is 1:1 UserTask and Task.
So when i selecting by datetime from UserTask like this
task.taskDate > ‘04/05/2015’ AND task.taskDate < ‘04/06/2015’
nothing selecting, but i have rows that mathces this condition.
If i use this query in task relation, like this
taskDate > ‘04/05/2015’ AND taskDate < ‘04/06/2015’
Everything is OK!
I’m also trying with ‘before’ and ‘after’, same problem.

So i avoid this problem by using fiction column with type double, which will accept datetime in long format.

And i select by long values through relation, it working perfect. But it’s not right decision.

Please see this doc.

You’re right, I just tried a similar search and it does not work when there is a relation. I will create an internal ticket, but please use your workaround for now. I am not sure how soon we will be able to fix it.