Server side code and 5 seconds

I have very simple “after event” for data service.

    public void afterCreate(RunnerContext context, Vote vote, ExecutionResult<Vote> result) throws Exception {
        Post post = Backendless.Data.of(Post.class).findById(vote.getPostId());
        if (vote.getVote().equals("like")) {
            post.setLikes(post.getLikes() + 1);
        } else if (vote.getVote().equals("dislike")) {
            post.setDisLikes(post.getDisLikes() + 1);

It works well, but one of the 10-12 api calls backendless return me exception the fact that server code did not complete in 5 seconds. And this is very bad.
This is because your server code system be in beta state or I doing something wrong?


Thanks for the message.
We will investigate this problem as soon as possible.


Also, an hour ago, 100% calls return “5 second exception”, but now all is well.

The issue was fixed

I am encountering the same problem!!

are you sure this was fixed?
after a month of developing an app, the server-side code was perfectly running during tests, and today it stopped working saying i’m exceeding the 5 seconds time, how is that possible?