Setting up CNAME for with and without www


In my DNS-service, I did the following:

added A-record in IP ( The IP-adress is IP-adress for

added CNAME in to

In Backendless Console, if I point to, ONLY works, and gives 404. If I point to, the same thing but vice versa.

How do I get both to work?


How about pointing both A-records to


I still get the same result. Only works for the one that I point to from Backendless Console.

Yes, I checked with the development team and currently Backendless Cloud can be configured only with one domain name.

I understand. Are there any workarounds? It feels like I shouldn’t be the only one not able to use both www and without www.

I am not a DNS expert, perhaps you can achieve what you want with some special DNS configuration. As far as Backendless is concerned, there is only one domain name that is entered into the config on our side.