Showing polygon locations on frontend page

How do I get the location polygons to show on the frontend user page?
Thank you!

Hello @Gunnar_Stromsoe

I need more information to understand your purpose
Do you use ui-builder?
Do you want to show polygons on ui-builder Google maps component?
Do you have polygons data?


Hi Victor. Sorry, I have been working on loading polygon data and I have approx 3200. I need to view these on a maps page. I have tried the instructions Mark gave on the video but it seems I must be missing something. Please help. Thx

Hi Gunnar,

The process would be as simple as this:

  1. Load data from the database
  2. Render polygons in the map using Google Maps API

While it sounds simple, you’d need to figure out how to use the Maps API to render the data. Unfortunately, we cannot do it for you as a part of support, however, our consulting services can assist on a consulting basis.


Thank you Mark

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I have actually loaded the polygons into the Backendless Database - “megaDistricts” Table [now 3 230 polygons]
I did what you explain to view the WorldCities on the map but the polygons do not show there