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Sometimes while registering user i got error : 3011 Property 'password' is required

(Billion Bucks) #1

sometime when i’m registering the user i got an error which says Field Password is required and i double checked that my Password TExtField is returning correct value and i also have a check loop (if password.count is not enough then show error ) still when i’m registering user backendless is giving me this error , i came across a similar problem and also updated my SDK but still sometimes i’m getting this error

(Anatolii Stepaniuk) #2

Hi, Billion.

Please check again whether the user you provide to register method has not null password.
In the link you’ve provided it looks like a user error.

(Shaurya Kane) #3

even i am getting the error while signing up …
error :3011 Property ‘password’ is required.
what is the solution to this ?
@vladimir-upirov @mark-piller

(Vladimir Yalovy) #4

Hi @Shaurya_Kane

Please describe in more detail the steps that lead to such an error so that I can reproduce.

(Shaurya Kane) #5

I fixed this error. it was issue with my code. sorry