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Sometimes while registering user i got error : 3011 Property 'password' is required

sometime when i’m registering the user i got an error which says Field Password is required and i double checked that my Password TExtField is returning correct value and i also have a check loop (if password.count is not enough then show error ) still when i’m registering user backendless is giving me this error , i came across a similar problem and also updated my SDK but still sometimes i’m getting this error

Hi, Billion.

Please check again whether the user you provide to register method has not null password.
In the link you’ve provided it looks like a user error.

even i am getting the error while signing up …
error :3011 Property ‘password’ is required.
what is the solution to this ?
@vladimir-upirov @mark-piller

Hi @Shaurya_Kane

Please describe in more detail the steps that lead to such an error so that I can reproduce.

I fixed this error. it was issue with my code. sorry