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Sort Geopoints by created

I search Geopoints in 5 kilometer radius with the Geolocation API. A Geopoint have a relation to a data object. Is it possible to sort the Geopoints based on their creation date or the creation date of the data object by using the Geolocation API? In my Application its important, that the Geopoints/data objects within the 5 Kilometer radius are sorted by their creation date (actuality).

If this is not possible, I think that the Data Service API can do this using Search by Distance. Then the data object must have a relation to a Geopoint. Is the performance of search by distance of Data Service API the same as that of the Geolocation API?


Hi Kevin

Unfortunately there is no way to sort geo points by creation date. If sort by distance solves the problem - you may use this approach. And it should not effect performance a lot if you don’t have too much of columns in parent (which is related to geopoints) table


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