Sort parent objects and child objects (relation)?

Hi, is there a way to sort both parent objects and child objects (relation) of each parent?

The sort feature for related objects is currently unavailable.

Hi Artur,

Would you by any chance be aware of a workaround?


If you load related objects by sending the query directly to the related table, then you would be able to sort them. To load objects related to a particular “parent” object, your whereClause would need to have the following format:

ParentTableName[relatedColumnName].objectId = 'parent-objectId'


Hi Mark,

Yes that works but the problem is that I have multiple parent objects that need to be loaded with their relations and using the clause above increase the number of api calls by 8-12 per user, which according to my estimates will exceed the 3000req/min. Could you tell me how backendless sorts the data by default? (If it does).


By default the objects are retrieved in the order they were added to the table.