Splitting CSV Imports into Separate Data and Relational tables

Parse/Back4App has this cool feature that allows you to import data tables and relationship tables separately. This makes a lot sense in splitting the imports especially in large datasets.

For example I would love to be able to import large “Customer” and “Orders” tables and then later import a “Customer_Orders_Relationships” table that has a list of all the Primary & Foreign Keys needed to join them together.

Anything that can split up the data import process into more manageable stages would be great. Thanks!

Hi, @William_Lee

If you want to import tables which have relations between them, you need to import .zip archive for such an issue. We will discuss with our team the case you described above, and the opportunity to implement this functionality.


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Great… Anything that could split a complex import into sections like this would be great in order to maintain relationships as the data progressively transfers over would be wonderful.