SQL Query is returning old data (day before) on backendless panel web.

Hello Guys
It seems that many records were created on 08/20/2017 23:15:44 according to the date that I am seeing on the database, then Todays date is 08/21/2017 and according to my query this data from 08-20 should not be returning in the query, backendless is returning old data, Probably i am doing something wrong on my query please let me know:
this is the SQL:
I am trying to get data from a specific user in that day.
userId = ‘3FF652B4-F9FE-4632-FFB1-6AA6B8F23700’ AND created after ‘08/21/2017 00:00:00’ AND created before ‘08/21/2017 23:59:59’
So I am trying to get data from 21 and it is returning from august 20, and the same for 22 is returning from 21.
I attached two different screenshots with the current results.

Hi Hector,

The SQL Query works properly.
The thing is Backendless server filters date by UTC value while Backendless console outputs date data to tables in local time zone format.
So you should compensate a shift of time zone.
For example, let say your time zone is -4. For getting all users that were created during 08/21/2017 (by your time zone) the query should be:

'created after '08/21/2017 04:00:00' AND created before '08/22/2017 03:59:59'

Regards Ilya

Thank you so much for your help.