SSL handshake Error while saving objects or even login in

I have this error, SSL handshake aborted: ssl=0x3c6ee0: I/O error during system call, Connection reset by peer

I have initialized backendless in Application Class, i have the internet permission in manifest, but i cannot perform any network related task with backendless backend. i.e saving , retrieving or login in.
Even after i download the generated code and use intellij idea to compile and run, the same error occurs.
Is it a server error?
Thanks in advance


Which version do you use: Backendless Online or Backendless Standalone?

Hi Kate, thanks for your reply.
I am using online, for android…

It occurred after i used coderunner… I dnot what happened…

I have noted that its only happening when i am running code runner. Either in bedug or production Mode.
My app doesn’t do any operation when i am coder runner

Hi Samuel,

Please try adding Backendless.setUrl( “” ); code line right before the initApp call.