Stability issues


just wondering how stable you service is? Almost every day I encounter some issues. For example few hours ago server returned 503 error couple of times. Right now I can see you are making some changes in response headers, for example I see: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, private headers in response to users/register API call which weren’t returned few hours ago. I’m using REST API in my app.

Is there a place where I can find up-to-date info what changed and potentially can cause some issues on the clients side?

Hi Matt,

Stability is at the top of our goals. I can state that the service is very stable. However, it is possible that at times some server clusters (which translates to some apps) may experience abnormal responses. This is due to cluster expansion/remapping, software updates, etc. Even with these brief and spot outages, our overall uptime has been at or greater than 99.1%. If you are looking for an option with a guaranteed uptime as well as contractual SLA, the Managed Backendless offering provides that.


Hey Mark,

Thanks for info.