strange behavior from the files browser

App Id : 30D7FA5B-421F-CD39-FF1D-A77C9FDDEA00

This evening, I’m having strange behaviors from the the files browser. It gives random results when I enter a folder : sometimes it shows the sub-folders, sometimes it shows nothing.
When I try to access the files directly using their url (I store the URLs in the database) : sometimes I can access the file (a file image), sometimes I get an error message : {“code”:6007,“message”:“The specified resource was not found”}.

Did you update something about the console and the browser today ?

loïc b.

Hi loïc,
We’re investigating this problem now, thanks for reporting. For reference, the task ID is BKNDLSS-12823.

I also have seen this same problem on the live system as well as the standalone server. On the standalone server, restarting all the services clears it up for a while.

Thanks Sergey, I’ll stay tuned.

Could you please check it again? Should be fixed now.