Sync issues - does Ui builder update?


I’m using the sync method to update my production app. I started early hours in the morning and have tried multiple times but my production app is now unusable.

Does UI builder not update during sync?

Hi @Hezzron_Austin!

Ui builder doesn’t sync. You require a manual transfer of files from one App file system to another.

Oh, that’s a shame, but ok can you help me, please

I’ve zipped the directory but when I try to download it I am met with “this site can not provide a secure connection error”

This happens with all files in my Backendless storage.

It happens with, which has behaved like this for a while.

I have just added a custom hoping that will help. How long until a certificate is produced for it?

Thank you

Update: I tested this out with another Backendless app where I have a custom domain with an SSL certificate but it makes no difference.

Download link still sends me to here which displays “this site can’t provide a secure connection”

My live site currently looks like this due to not being able to move content from UI builder over

No worries I’ve sorted it.

Just so you know pressing the link icon and pasting it into the browsers works, but the download button doesn’t.

The Backendless content domain isn’t accessible

Thank you for discovering this problem, this will definitely make Backendless better.


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