Table Column Properties

I am able to request the entire Table schema to include data types, column names, etc. An example row returned is:


The key “required” in this case is set to false and I can definitely see that this is modifiable within the Console under Users/User Properties. On the other custom Tables, I don’t see a way that this key required is modifiable for one or more columns. Is this key “required” modifiable within the Console and/or via the REST API?

Also are the following modifiable via the Console or REST API?


What does the “autoLoad” key do?

The “required” attribute can be configured only for the user properties. Table columns do not have a visual configurator of that attribute.

“defaultValue” can be modified in the schema editor. Here’s an example:</img>
“relatedTable” can be established when you create a relationship column:</img>

“customRegex” is also available on the same form as the “defaultValue”. Read more about it here:

“autoLoad” is described here: