The IMPORT imported JSON to Files, not to Data

I uploaded JSON files from the Settings section, as always. Everything was OK, but I could not find new tables, that should be created by the imported JSON files. Then I found all the JSON files in the Files folder.

Just to mention - I have already uploaded exact the same JSON files multiple times to other backendless app, and everuthing worked perfect. Now, all my import (JSON) for all of my apps goes to Files, not to Data. If I try to upload my JSON again it gives me an error “The migration operation is already in progress…” And now I’ve already waited for 2 hours.

After 3 hours I found my tables. But what is really strange, is that the IMPORT LOG says that all my tables were imported just when I uploaded them. But it is not true. I checked it a hundred times

Hello Vasilii

There was an issue on our side, which led to some tasks being queued. Now it’s fixed, and sorry for the inconvenience.

Regards Anton

No problem. But it would be very useful if you had a live-status page. Otherwise users spend time to find an error on their side, which does not exist.