Timers stopped working after subscription cycle

Hi, my app was sending daily emails based on 3 different timers correctly for many months. However, it seems as of the latest payment renewal/cycle (Jan 8th) the timers and emails all stopped happening. I’m not sure why, as the subscription was renewed correctly. I really need the timers to continue working rock solid even if I am not manually monitoring them. Is this a known problem? Do I need to log into Backendless every so often to keep them working?


Hi Simon,

How did you verify that the timers stopped working and not the email sending code inside?

Hi Sergey, I didn’t. I’m only seeing the end result of not actually receiving emails anymore so its either the timers that have stopped or the sending of emails that has stopped. As I’ve seen strange issue with timers before I simply assumed it was the timers rather than the email sending…but of course it could be either. The code hasnt changed in months so there is nothing wrong with that.

I understand you. We constantly monitor the state of timers and relaunch them in case of any failures on our side, so it’s not likely that your timer stopped working at some moment and did not restore till now. I’d suggest you to check its current status and add some logging: a mere log statement like “Started running task X” in the beginning of your code would give you a definite clue that the problem is with/not with the timers functionality itself.

I ran the timer manually (from the website dashboard) 3 days ago and received the email fine. This indicates to me the fault is with the timers and not the email code; and there cant be any issue with my code because it hasn’t been touched for months. I still haven’t received an automated email from my app since the 8th January ?! Hopefully I wont need to pay a subscription for this month!?

What is your app ID?

App Id is: 6FB0797D-AFB7-3B57-FFAB-BCEABA9E4500

I’m going to check it in the system logs, but in the meantime, can you add any log statement into the timers code?

I added the following at the point that the first timer gets excectued:

Backendless.Logging.getLogger("com.mbaas.Logger").info("INFO LOG: Game01_Timer_Started");

It seems all my timers and emails fired last night at 26 Jan 2018 23:26:31 GMT. Did you guys do anything? If not, I can only imaginine that saving the code again re-inititialized everything.

We haven’t done anything yet, probably redeploying the code helped indeed. Now that you have the log, please notify us as soon as the issue reproduces again.