UI builder error

Hello, i just added a sort string value to load table objects and i have an error in ui builder interface.
Oops. An internal error [677b5fa82c27ec42ba31ddabab87ef0e] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later

Hello @Sebastien_Fouache

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Can you please tell me more about your problem, what and how you try to add to sort value?
Also, can you provide your app id, which will help me to detect what goes wrong?

Regards, Dima.

appid : A3482DAD-8C61-6B7F-FF44-E9F9997EDF00
I tried to provide the sort field value of “load table objects” with a simple string value. Then i received a message unable to save the container (or something like this i dont remember exactly). After that, the 677b5fa82c27ec42ba31ddabab87ef0e error occurred every time i m going in the FRONTEND section.

I tried to reproduce on another application without success.

Hi @Sebastien_Fouache

I couldnt see any error going to Frontend section within you app. Can you please clear the browser cache and try again?

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Thank you, that was the problem.
I can go to the frontend section now.

Glad to hear it!

Happy codeless coding with Backendless :smile: