UI builder "page" Body Size using logic blocks

Hie guys. I really need your help.
I’ve been building this page that has a side navigation bar. I’ve managed to make the icons change on click and also hide the side nav bar. Now when the nav bar colapses i want the with of the remaining body to be 12/12 as its currently 10/12 sharing with the side nav, when the side nav colapses its still 10/12.

i really don’t know how to use the logic blocks to make that possible.
please help.



@stanislaw.grin hie please look at this, i read your article on dropdown. I am trying to achieve something similar only difference is i don’t want my nav to be over my content i want it to make the content slide to the left. I already built a few pages with the side nav, and i have achieved makin it invisible and visible on click now i want my page content to fill the page.

Please help?

Hello @Dalubuhle_Lunga

I answered a similar problem in your previous topic. If that doesn’t work, let us know.