UI Builder 'Panel' component producing 400 (Bad request)

ID 45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000
Anywhere I have previously used UI ‘panel’ component I am now getting -

If I delete the panel component the page runs correctly, but then repeater function lost if on panel.
If I create a new panel component the page runs without error.

Could you please share the URL of a page where we can see the problem you described?

Hi Mark, Do you just need the URL or will you need to see the page run? If you need to see the page run please send me an email and I’ll send access details.

Hello, @Paul_HIllen.

We need the url of your application when you click the “Desktop Preview” button.
We also need you to post a screenshot of the logic being executed that is causing problems.

Best Regards, Nikita.

url - https://eu.backendlessappcontent.com/45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000/7F2FE6D0-B7ED-4D21-9F2A-9C0C2AF3373C/files/ui-builder/containers/default/index.html?page=signIn2

console output -

logic - error starts after print ‘backendless support \\\\\\\…’. where clause executes correctly and finds a match.

This first appeared when panel components were executed. If I deleted the old ‘panel’ component and added a new one, the error cleared. But no panels in use here, logic is running at ‘page’ level on page enter.

An example of panel component problem.
page url - https://eu.backendlessappcontent.com/45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000/7F2FE6D0-B7ED-4D21-9F2A-9C0C2AF3373C/files/ui-builder/containers/default/index.html?page=usersUpdate&data={}

Here the user can select a user role, the logic is on event change. The logic resides in a panel.

console output -

logic - panel component used.


Please create a separate page with the problematic logic so that we can look in detail and find the problem.