Unable to adapt response to Custom object

During saving an object get this error with cause: “unable to adapt string to date due to parse exception - Unparseable date: “2016-11-01T22:00:00.000Z” (at offset 4)”

Does your object contain a String property for a field in the database with the DATETIME type? Have you tried changing the data type in the object to java.util.Date?

No, it doesn’t. This object contains 2 Date fields and when I commented them this error dissapeared.

Hi Denys,

I just tried to save the test object in Driver table with the following body via REST console and it worked fine. Can you please check it, too, and provide the request you’re trying to make?

"Languages":[{"___class":"Language","objectId":"0DAD5AF4-5E56-BA85-FFD6-50A59B669600"}], "LastName":"xxx",

I’m using Android SDK, not REST request

Can you send us a minimal code sample which would reproduce the problem? It can be a sample Java app which only performs a save call and is initialized with your app’s credentials.