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Unable to add GEO point

(Roy N.) #1

I am using the REST API to add a geo point to a previously added category and I receive the following error:

{“code”:4009,“message”:“User has no permission to add/update geo point”}

The URL used was:{"City_0"%20%3A%20"Place_0"}

The headers are:

application-id: 9B5E9EE0-B04B-350F-FFEC-D09044FBEA00
secret-key: 3647056D-8D1A-F5C0-FF17-4B3D6B6E3900
user-token: E39A2161-87B6-406A-FFC6-6EDC45AFF100
application-type: REST

(Kate Maksimenko) #2

Hi Roy!

Could you attach screen shot of geo permissions for category “NewCat_0”?

(Roy N.) #3

Yes, but not sure where to find that. No categories that I have added are being shown

(Sergey Chupov) #4

Try clicking “Permissions” button in the upper right corner of the Geolocation tab on console.