Unable to clone git repository using custom domain name

I have just set up a custom domain name, www.shadecollector.com, for my backendless app and it is working correctly, but trying to clone the git repo using:

git clone http://www.shadecollector.com/.git


Cloning into 'www.shadecollector.com'...
fatal: repository 'http://www.shadecollector.com/' not found

Cloning with my application id works:

git clone https://git.backendless.com/92507A4B-D669-DD0E-FF39-A830BA15D200/.git

So am I doing something wrong when trying to clone with my custom domain name? Typing shadecollector.com into a browser correctly feeds me the files from the backendless web folder, so it appears to be set up correctly. Or should I just continue to use the app id version?
I’m also getting the issue where changes I make through git to the repo aren’t shown in the file viewer, and any changes I make in git aren’t reflected when I navigate to shadecollector.com in the browser - i’m still served the old default index.html. But I see this is being worked on currently.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for reporting these issues. We’re investigating them and will report back soon.


Hi Aaron,

Are you still experiencing this problem?

Hi I have the same problem as Aaron, I’ve mapped http://schedule.inscribe.io to develop.backendless.com and I can browse my files on the web directory but I can’t git clone http://schedule.inscribe.io/.git