Unable to clone repository. Tried different methods.

Problem: Cannot clone the git repository, even if we do it according to the Knowledge Base.

App ID: FF01D8BC-F950-E491-FF67-D30C3CA26800

Command: git clone https://git.backendless.com/FF01D8BC-F950-E491-FF67-D30C3CA26800/.git

Result: fatal: repository ‘https://git.backendless.com/ff01d8bc-f950-e491-ff67-d30c3ca26800/.git/’ not found

Tried with lower case with no avail. Multiple attempts after re-enabling git support in settings panel with no avail.

Desperately need support on this issue as we are unable to deploy our project onto the server.

Hi, Roger

What version of Backendless do you use? If it is v3.x you should use the host gitv3.backendless.com, if v4 - gitv4.backendless.com

Regards Ilya

Hi Roger,

Did Ilya’s suggestion work for you?


Yes! We’d recommend you update the instructions though. Thanks!