Unable to export DB because of "Concurrent connections limit exceeded" exceptions


I’m trying to make an export of my DB but I keep getting the message below:

Hello Milen Marinov,

This is a notification to inform you about the error by your application.The information about the error can be found below.

Application name: HelpAPaw
Application ID: BDCD56B9-351A-E067-FFA4-9EA9CF2F4000
Message: Send message ‘Backendless: export data’ was failed
Exception: 432 4.3.2 Concurrent connections limit exceeded. Visit Changes in message store and throttling for concurrent connections - Exchange | Microsoft Learn for more information. [Hostname=PAVPR10MB6963.EURPRD10.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM]

Thank you for using Backendless!
the Backendless Team

This happens even if I select a single table at a time. Can you help me solve it?


The error is related to an email Backendless tries to send you about the status of export. The error comes from Microsoft Exchange and not us. Contact MS support to find out why.

The actual export file can be found in the Files section of backendless console - see the /export folder.