Unable to register user. Missing identity value for 'email'

Backendless Version (3.x / 6.4.6, Online)
Application ID D7FD340D-4F7E-A21E-FF5B-0679B11D4500

Hi, I’m executing the Task: Register a user account with API (User Rookie)
I’ve followed all the video tutorial steps, but when I click the button to execute the associated logic to register the user nothing is registered in the User table.
Inspecting the page I can read this error:

400 (Bad Request)
Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unable to register user. Missing identity value for ‘email’

I did some research and I found an old post with th same problem:

I’ve verified what’s pointed out in that post, the email field is the identity column.
I used a valid email to execute the test.
I created a new page for this test using the landing page template.
I’ve also verified that the name emailAddress is both used for the value logic field and for the GetProperty value.

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks.

Hello @DanielEnergy

Please try now. Your logic was not saved and the value of “email” was not used in the query.
I apologize for the inconvenience.


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Hi @Inna_Shkolnaya
yes now it works, thank you.

When you say “Your logic was not saved” do you mean that I missed to save it? Or that backendless should have saved it automatically but didn’t?

I noticed the system didn’t recognize that I’ve accomplished the task
Mission: USER ROOKIE / Task: Register a user account with API

I’m enjoying a lot learning this platform and becoming addicted to credits, you know :slight_smile:

The problem was on our side. The logic is saved automatically, but for some reason the “Get emailAddress of Page Data” block didn’t work.

According to the task description the following user must be registered
email: “james.bond@mi6.co.uk”;
password: “supe3rs3cre3t”;
Did you enter the correct email and password?


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