Unable to resolve host "api.backendless.com": No address associated with hostname

Just trying to run the tutorial and i am getting this error.

public class App extends Application {
public void onCreate() {
String appVersion = “v1”;
Backendless.initApp( this, getString(R.string.backId), getString(R.string.backSecretKey), appVersion );
BackendlessUser user = new BackendlessUser();
user.setEmail( "michael@backendless.com" );
user.setPassword( “my_super_password” );

Backendless.UserService.register( user, new BackendlessCallback<BackendlessUser>()
public void handleResponse( BackendlessUser backendlessUser )
Log.i( “Registration”, backendlessUser.getEmail() + " successfully registered" );
} );

Hello Roman

This problem occurs when there are connection issues on your side. Please make sure that internet connection is fine and try again. If you’ll be able to reproduce the issue again - please let us know in this topic.

Regards Anton

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