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Unknown user was registered

Sorry for take your time to solve one issue that I sincerly don’t understand:

Last week I create an app in Backendless, then last Monday I put that app on a private test group(3 persons only) on Google developer console, all of the group’s users has credentials to authentificate and login to the app to test it, those credentials, users and passwords were created by me directly on tha table “Users” on Backendless.

So the strange thing is that one new user was registred on the app on users table in Backendless, so I asked to all the testers about this and nobody of them did that register, so when I see the analitycs of the Backendless API I can see that the API (register call) was made twice:

First call.- 5/18/2019 (made by worker)
Second Call.-5/19/2019 (made by android user)

But when I see the date of creation of the new user in data table I see:

05/20/2019 05:59:54

In that day( the day of the strange register) the Backendless analitycs doesn’t registrer any call to an API register method.

Also I can’t see any of the calls that I used to register the 3 users, I added them directly on the table “Users”

So my questions are:

1.-If I add a user directly on the “Users” table, it doesn`t count as API call and threrefore is not registred by Backendless Analitycs?

2.-Why I have 1 new user on 05/20/2019 but I don’t have any call to register API on the Analitycs on Backendless?

3.-Is there a way to know if this registration come from a worker or a user of the app?

4.- If (3) is possible and a worker didn’t make the register then is it posible to know more about the call , like country, device, etc…?

Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english.

Hi, Samuel!

First at all, I want to clarify that “Workers” chart is not related to any of services and method calls. It displays how many workers Backendless allocated to process requests for your application. In simple terms, more workers - more server load. So if there is 1 worker it doesn’t mean that someone made 1 API request but rather the application just loads the server.

  1. Yes, it’s correct. Analytics don’t display changes from Console. So if you see register call in your Analytics it means that some client made the API call.
    Do you have the code for user registration in your app? Maybe the testers run it accidentally.
  2. If you don’t have any call in Analytics it means that the user was registered through Console. Are you sure that you or maybe someone who have access to your Console don’t register the user on this day?
  3. As I said workers is not related to method calls and don’t display the number of requests.

If you still need a help, please send the screenshot of current Analytics for user registration and screenshot of whole user table. It will make it easier to help you.

Best regards,

Hi Maksym,

Thanks for the reply.

1.- Yes I had the code for user registration already in my app, but if testers run it accidentally why the analitycs didn’t register the call on 05/20/2019 05:59:54(the date of User’s table create field)?

1.a.- One register call appears on analytics at 05/19/2019 19:00:00 but in the table Users there’s nothing in that date-time?

1.b.- The only explication I guess is that the register on table users made on 05/20/2019 05:59:54 is the same of analitycs at 05/19/2019 19:00:00. Is that possible?

2.-I’m sure I didn’t register the user, in fact I don’t know the email and nobody has access to the console, I think it could be the tester on Google platform but I need to solve the issue of the times that are not corresponding between Users table and Analitycs to confirm.

So if my security was broken and someone enter into my console without my authorization I would like to know if it is possible where the logins to my console have made, is that possible?

Best regards and again thanks for your time,