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Unlimited Team size

(Rudy Matos) #1

I just paid for this service. Unfortunately right now I’m learning how backendless works and I was having some issues with my first app so I decided to delete this app and create a new one. After that I was trying to add a co-worker to the new project and is saying that I have to pay again for this service. I thought it was an error from the system and so I decided to register my credit card again and try to add this service to my new app. I got charged again for this new app. Are those services only available once for app? It’s that the case I think I should reset my old app (currently deleted) and continue working on it. Please help

(Mark Piller) #2

Hi Rudy,

All purchases are per application. If you deleted an app right after adding a function pack, we can issue a credit for the charges. Please email your current app id to so we can look into it from our end.