Update a table data in backendless server from vb.net

I have created an application and in it there is a table named “Test”. I can insert the data into that table from vb,net using ““Backendless.Data.Of.Save()”” .

Now I need to update a data which I already saved in the table from vb.net.
There is a unique field named "Test_ID’. I am also getting a duplicate entry msg while using the same data in the test_Id field in save
Please help me out…

You should put a proper “objectId” field into the object to perform update instead of create operation.

Thanks, Its working when I put the copied object ID directly. But How can we load objectID from database by programmatically in c#

My code is like this:

Backendless.InitApp(“myAppID”, “mySecretKey”, “v1”);
Dictionary<string, object> contact = new Dictionary<string, object>();
contact[“test_ID”] = “123”;
contact[“test_Name”] = “Jack”;
contact[“objectId”] = “7A4BAD31-9A39-0B92-FF74-CE2D5589E800”; // this is the object ID I copied from backendless console

        catch(BackendlessException exception)

My requirement is to call the object ID from server in the bolden line. Please suggest me how it is to be done…

Save(contact) call should return a saved object with objectId.
So I suppose you can do the following:

contact = Backendless.Data.Of("tbl_Test").Save(contact);

and after that you’ll have objectId initialized in that “contact” object