Update data in the backend and not in the client side

I have a problem with Backendless that is major and maybe I am missing something here…
In all my Backendless apps, in order to update data in the server, I needed to retrieve the data to my phone, update it, and resend it to the server.
but then if another user updates the same data at the same time, one of us “looses” his data.
so my question is : can I update data without retrieving it ? in a way that all users can (for example) add “1” to an integer without overwriting each other.

Hi, Gil

For numbers, this problem can be solved by using Atomic Counters API.
In other cases, we don’t have ready-made solutions, sorry.
Regards, Ilya

Ok, let’s say I’m making an app that let’s people edit the same text simultaneously like in Google drive.
When 2 users enter the app, the app needs to know who they are, in a list / array.
But when they both will add themselves to that list, by retrieving the list editing and uploading, one will overwrite the other?

I understand you, but as I’ve said we don’t have a ready-made solution for this issue.
Backendless service does not solve ALL problems but gives you instruments to solve most of them by yourself.
In this case, I think you should try to use Business Logic API Services. You can develop custom service that will resolve this conflict in some smart way.
Regards Ilya.