Update password in User table

In the Users table, I have a user registered with additional column names (including mobile column). I implemented a forgot password function which will send SMS to verify user then allow them to set new password. I don’t know how can I update Users table when I don’t have a password (since I am setting one). I have other attributes such as Email, Object ID of user, etc but not the existing forgotten password (naturally). I found the below code in your website docs but it requires existing password to update the user row:

func updateUserPropsAsync() {
 let user = BackendlessUser()
 user.email = "james.bond@mi6.co.uk"
 user.password = "iAmWatchingU"
 response: { (registeredUser : BackendlessUser!) -> () in
 print("User has been registered (ASYNC): \(registeredUser)")
 let properties = [
 "name" : "James"
 registeredUser!.updateProperties( properties )
 response: { ( updatedUser : BackendlessUser!) -> () in
 print("Updated user: \(updatedUser)")
 error: { ( fault : Fault!) -> () in
 print("Server reported an error (2): \(fault)")
 error: { ( fault : Fault!) -> () in
 print("Server reported an error (1): \(fault)")

Please let me know how I can proceed

Hi Khalid,

Please, read this doc about restoring passwords.
Regards, Ilya