update user informations based on his facebook id

im trying to update my user information based on their facebook id,
how can i implement that ?
i already have the current user facebook id in my backendless table
i want the same code as this one but based on the user facebook id not his email and password, help please :

func updateCurrentUserPropsSync() {

    Types.tryblock({ () -> Void in

        self.backendless?.userService.login("anthony.hayek@live.com", password: "anthony")

        let currentUser = self.backendless?.userService.currentUser

        print("User has been logged in (SYNC): \(currentUser)")

        let properties = [

            "name" : "Agent 007"


        currentUser?.updateProperties( properties )

        let updatedUser = self.backendless?.userService.update(currentUser)

        print("User updated (SYNC): \(updatedUser)")


                   catchblock: { (exception) -> Void in

                    print("Server reported an error: \(exception)" )



Hi anthony,
Please, pay attention to this article.
I hope it will help you to resolve your issue. If not, please, fell free to ask again.
Regards, Ilya

i checked the article, i cannot access the swift implementation

can i get a sample of it ?

Sorry, I’ve provided you an article without examples in the appropriate language. This one will be more helpful I hope.
The general idea of the mentioned article is that you can use Data Service API to load the user objects.
Regards, Ilya

what you gave me is how to find all the users in backendless, i wanna find a specific user, the one logged in with on the application

As I understood from the description of your issue you have facebook-id column in the Users table. If so you can filter it using BackendlessDataQuery (read this doc for details).

tried using this function didn’t work, got this error in attached file

Replace Contact.ofClass() to BackendlessUser.ofClass()