upgrade to developer plan (7,99$/month)


I am planning to upgrade my account, and in your pricing page (https://backendless.com/pricing/backendless-cloud-pricing/) I see 4 plans, but when I go to manage > billing , I can see only 3 plans. For my needs I would like to upgrade to developer plan (the one which costs 7,99$/month), how can I do that? Thank you


Your app is on the 3.x version of Backendless. The Developer plan is not available in that version, it was introduced in Backendless 4.


Right now I cannot migrate my apps to v4 due to the big effort required since many things are changed in V4. Is there way to get that plan? The one at 25$/month is really much more than I need, I just need a little step up… Right now what I need is just the possibility to store more than 1000 records…

Login to Backendless Console and select your app. Click Manage, then Billing. For the plan you are on right now (I assume it is the free one), click the “show current usage” link. It will show you the limits you have on the current plan.

Please keep in mind that the free plan on the 3.x version will be available till November 1st, 2017. You would either need to migrate to 4.x or switch to a paid plan in 3.x in order to continue running the app in that environment.


So if I just need to store more than 1000 records but I’m ok with all other limits, the only thing I can do is to with to the plan at 25$?

Did you check the current plan limits? I am pretty sure the number is much higher than 1000.

Oh, ok!
The pricing plans page confused me a bit. It shows that the free plan can only store 1000 records, but it seem I have the limit like if I had a developer plan, but I have the free plan (actually all the current limits are the ones listed under the developer plan in the pricing page).
So it seem that my free plan has the limits of developer plan, will it be like that untill November?

the pricing page on the website is for version 4, it says it there. In your case, your app is on the 3.x version, so the pricing for that is different.

What you see now will remain like that until November 1st. By that date all the apps on the free plan must either migrate to 4.0 or switch to a paid plan in 3.x. The free plan in 3.x will stop on November 1st, 2017, the only free plan which will be available on that date and thereafter is on the 4.x version of Backendless.


In November, will I be able to apply for the developer plan on a V3 application?

The developer plan does not exist and will not exist in version 3 of Backendless. It was introduced and supported only in version 4 of the platform.

Ok, thank you very much. Last question: are pricing plans applied to a whole account or to any single app?

Thanks again

The pricing is per app. Each application has its own limits and its own billing.

Ah sorry: where can I see the pricing plans for v3? Are they the same of v4, except for the developer plan?

got it, thank you!

To see the pricing use Backendless Console. When you click “Select” for a plan, it will show you the details for each plan.

nevermind, stupid question :slight_smile: