upload file - download file limit

Hello, i can not upload .mp4 file through backendless console.

i can upload big size of pdf file through backendless console. but can not download that file using api.

can you plz help me ?

Thanks kinjal.

What error do you get?

What is the size of the file?


Hello ,
file size is 5MB.

getting this error

‘Error #2044: Unhandled IOErrorEvent:. text=Error #2032: Stream Error.
at com.cloud::SyncAction/getDBFile()’

i can download 690 KB pdf file.

Hi Kinjal!

  1. “Hello, i can not upload .mp4 file through backendless console.” - please provide error message and size of .mp4 file.

  2. Could you download this file via Public URL?



  1. mp4 file size is 13.8 MB. now no any issue i can upload through API.
  2. issue resolved for download file too , problem is with my URL

Thanks to both of you…

one more question…
what is the max file size for download and upload file?

You can upload file with size less than 500MB.

Regards, Kate.