Upload files

I am able to upload images into back endless and needs to upload doc files now through my app.
On uploading an image a data table is created with files at data service. How can I relate the data table and file service storage hierarchy.
Hope u can help with the directory hierarchy concept.

Hi Christie,
I don’t fully understand you about directory hierarchy concept problem. Could you please explain in details with example what you would like to get?


Hi thanks for the reply.
I am building a cloud storage app where people can save their files(ppt,doc,jpg) in folders just like the Google drive. So I in one example of yours it is seen that on uploading an image,corresponding image table is created at the data service and files are available at the files service as well. Is it required to create table at the data service in order to access the files from file section.

It is not required to create a table to save/get files from Files service. You can save or get directly from/to Files. And structure of folders in Files may be any you would like to have - it’s up to you.

Hope it helps.